The Music Managers Forum

I decided a while ago that membership of The Music Managers Forum
would be a worthwhile investment. Not just worthwhile for me but also for my musicians. I thought I’d explain a bit about the MMF and also give you some examples of how my membership can help you – real musicians – too.

Music Managers Forum

Recent CBI Report

A recent CBI Report (March 2011) ‘Creating growth: Improving access to finance for creative industries

  • includes a case study on the Music Industry
  • argues that creative industries should take action to raise financial awareness and address points of market failure
  • also lists ways the government can help.

One item in this list is retaining the Enterprise Finance Guarantee and ensuring access by creative industries.

The Music Managers Forum strongly support this final point too, with a commitment to:

‘Investment into Music Industry: in particular release funds from the EFG’.

My membership can help you the musician because I know what’s happening in the business world too.

MMF Benefit for Musicians

From the MMF website:

0% MERCHANDISE CONCESSION FEES AT MFG / MAMA GROUP VENUES : MMF members’ artists pay NO merchandise concession fees at all MFG / MAMA group venues (2000 capacity or less) around the UK from the London HMV Forum down.

My membership gives you that benefit. What could that means – call me and I’ll explain: +44 (0)20 7193 4911

Membership of organisations like the MMF might not seem important. But, my membership gives me access to current information about the business world that can directly affect musicians. That knowledge can help grow your creative, music business.

Free yourself to be more creative – while RM2 Music looks after your business. Read more about RM2 Music and how Diane Dunkley can help.

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