rm2-recordRM2 Records know the music industry is changing fast – and the changes aren’t over yet. Technology has allowed just about everyone to produce their own music if they wish and the DIY route is popular. However at RM2 our philosophy is DIT, Do It Together. It isn’t the only option though and here at RM2 Records we’ll help you decide which route to take: now and in the future.

Distribution is mainly digital these days – but not always! RM2 can help ‘sell the product’ whether that’s physical or digital.

The whole package is available or any elements you need:

  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Business plan
  • Building a fan base
  • Choosing the best route for you

We’re proud at RM2 Music that we offer a bespoke package. You can choose the complete service or elements of our main services:

2011 kicked off with the release of RM2 Records first release,  “Space to Be Alone”, Love Locked Out’s debut album, available digitally and limited edition physical release, available at live gigs.

Whether you’re an established band or artist and want to talk about what achievable or you’re in sixth form or higher education and want an honest evaluation, RM2 Records can help you clarify your goals and then reach them – whether that’s dealing with major record labels or with individuals doing it themselves.

For more details, contact RM2 – Real Musicians, real music.