rm2-musicRM2 Music offers a full music management service for musicians and bands.

Every successful organisation – and that includes individual artists and bands – needs good management and business skills. That’s where RM2 can help with day to day business affairs (publishing, recording agreements, royalty collection, industry updates and marketing plans, promotion , finances – the list really is endless).

RM2 Music frees you to be creative, to be artistic. RM2 provides the business management.

How RM2 Music Can Help

Five key areas where RM2 Music can help you succeed:

  • Contracts
    • Whether they be publishing contracts or recording contracts, we will negotiate the right deal for you which not only benefit you now but makes sure you are looked after in the long term.
  • Band agreement
    • Protect yourselves by setting out who owns what and what will happen in different circumstances – someone wants to take a break, add a band member, replace a band member, etc. The right band agreement can help stop problems before they arise.
  • Business plans
    • Diane’s corporate background and no-nonsense approach ensures efficiency, making sure no money is wasted. Her experience as a contracts manager and business development manager can help make sure you waste nothing.
  • Marketing strategy
    • If you don’t plan your marketing and spend your marketing budget effectively then you’re missing out on profit.
    • Marketing can cover a new product, merchandising, tour or a new record deal. It means working out what will be done at what cost. It means making sure results are measured – whether that’s traditional offline marketing (flyers, adverts, etc) or online and digital marketing (social media, website, etc).
  • Finding and Booking gigs
    • Real Musicians playing live music.

Artists we currently manage are Jebonair, Kyra SimoneLove Locked Out and producer Laurence ‘Woo’ Allen.

RM2 Music. Use our experience. The best management supports the business strategy and the musicians. For an informal chat on how you could be achieving more, contact us.