rm2-liveRM2 Live is all about supporting live music, managing the bands, musicians and all the activities that make live music great.

We act as music agents for artists, booking shows and making sure the whole event is a success for the musicians, the fans and the venue.

We work for the event, working closely with event organisers and musicians to ensure everything goes as planned. RM2 Live support many events: some typical examples include live music for:

  • Tours or one off live shows
  • Corporate entertainment for management conferences
  • Charity events
  • Sporting events – Polo, rubgy, tennis, etc
  • Gala dinners
  • Support for corporate product launches
  • Private parties (large or small)

We always provide the right bands and musicians to meet event organisers’ needs and budget.

RM2 Live – Personal Service

At RM2 Live we’re different! We have a ‘hands on’ approach. We’ll be there at the event (no book and run here at RM2 Live) and in constant communication, before and right to the end – which means after the show too not just when the show is over.

You can be sure of our professional approach in dealing with all situations especially in a crisis, which can sometimes occur.

We’re not linked to a venue and we cover a wide spectrum of music, currently mainly soul and adult contemporary.

We’ll work how you want to work:

  • One off agent agreement
  • Long term contracts
  • Non exclusive is OK too
  • We have access to non RM2 artists too

Artists we currently book include Leon Ware, Don-E and Mint Condition to name a few. Click on our booking form for a full list. However if you wish to enquire about an artist that isn’t listed then please still submit the booking form detailing the artist and through our  wide network we will try our best to source them on your behalf.

Our typical venues are for a few hundred (Jazz café) to 3,000+ (Indigo2)

Mainly UK based, we cover Europe too – call us on +44 (0)20 7193 4911 to talk about our recent successes in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Paris and Amsterdam.

RM2 the real music world needs real management. Contact RM2 for more details.