Four Femmes On The Thames

The hottest new London based vintage girl band with a twist! Bringing comedy and sass to the streets of the Big Smoke… FEMME FILTHY: Femme Filthy doesn’t like anyone, unless they remind her of wine: strong, Full bodied, generous and red. She enjoys nights out, but hates remembering them! She’s the type of Femme that […]



London based Jebonair’s sound is a smooth blend of jazz, soul and hip hop sprinkled with futuristic electronic undertones. Experimenting with ElectroSoul she provides an innovating listening experience with soothing melodies and raspy under tones. She moves the listener with with free spirited lyrics. Having always been involved in music at church her influences range […]

KS headshot

Kyra Simone

Soothing, Sensual and Sophisticated… Enter the world of Kyra Simone. The singer/songwriter and author comes from a mixed cultural family. With her St. Lucian and Grenadian background, which comes from her parents, this Newton, UK born artist has been subjected to diversity since the beginning. Being raised in London, UK, with a West Indian upbringing, […]


Love Locked Out

Once upon a time there was a boy from the Midlands called Jason who liked music very much. When all his friends went out to play Jason would sit in his room, listen to records and play his guitar. One day Jason decided it was time to leave the Midlands and move to Manchester where […]


Mint Condition

Once upon a time there were great funk/R&B bands like Earth Wind & Fire, The Meters, War, Kool & The Gang, Slave, and numerous others who constantly broke down musical barriers. The musicality of these units was superior – they could rock or funk out as easily as they could move the crowd with a […]


The British Collective

The British Collective bring together five of the United Kingdom’s finest ever male R&B artists, Junior Giscombe, Lee John, Omar, Don-E and Noel McKoy. Having sold millions of records worldwide over a period spanning 3 decades as artists, songwriters and musicians, there coming together as ‘The British Collective’ will raise the bar of british R&B […]


Timotha Lanae

Timotha Lanae is an American soul songstress, a dynamic dancer and an award winning theatrical performer who seamlessly joins together her passion for music and theater. Born and raised in Minneapolis, USA, Timotha Lanae is one of the most prominent and significant artists to emerge from the post – Prince era Minneapolis music scene. Named […]