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welccome-imgRM2 for real musicians and real music. We’re passionate about real musicians, live music and your creativity. We provide music management to aid your success.You’re the real musicians and we can help you build a rewarding career. We’re different at RM2 Music: we’ll work with you in a collaborative partnership where you can decide how much or how little help you need.

RM2 Music

If you’re a musician or part of a band considering the next steps, thinking about business, growing your fan numbers, improving your marketing and you need a music manager, then RM2 Music can help.

RM2 Live

If you need live music (either musicians looking to book a tour or one off show or event organisers looking for musicians) then RM2 can help.

RM2 Live are music agents supporting real musicians to perform live music. Managing the bands, musicians and all the activities that make live music great.

RM2 Records

Ready to release your real music to the world? Have you explored all the options – digital or physical product? Where? On-line only? Live music promotion? Record company? Talk through all your options with RM2 Records and make an informed choice.

Real musicians. The successful musicians also need to use good music management skills – free yourself from the business side, be more creative and find out how RM2 can help with music management and real music.

Want to recommend an artist? Contact us to tell us about an undiscovered talent

RM2 Updates

    Timotha Lanae hits #1 in the UK Soul Charts with RED

    If you were in Europe towards the end of last month you could not have missed Miss Timotha Lanae. She was over from the States painting Europe RED. We certainly kept her busy, she had interviews with BBC Manchester, Jazz FM, Mi-Soul, Solar, Echoes and Bang FM to name a few. As well as press […]

    The 2013 PRECIOUS Awards

    How overwhelmed am I to find out that RM2 Music is a finalist at The PRECIOUS Awards for Business of the Year?! The PRECIOUS Awards was founded to celebrate the achievements of inspirational entrepreneurial Women Of Colour who are running businesses in the UK. Building RM2 Music has been a hard slog and there is […]

    The Music Managers Forum

    I decided a while ago that membership of The Music Managers Forum would be a worthwhile investment. Not just worthwhile for me but also for my musicians. I thought I’d explain a bit about the MMF and also give you some examples of how my membership can help you – real musicians – too. Recent […]

    RM2 Real Musicians Real Music: The New Blog

    RM2 real musicians real music is excited by the latest development – starting a blog – and here it is. RM2 has been in business for a year, so time for a new website and blog, written by Diane Dunkley. I’ll bring you news from RM2 – what I’m doing, who I’m helping, as well […]